Postal Cake Boxes


Postal Cake Boxes are a lovely way of sending a little something to your friends/family when you can’t get to see them. It can be for a birthday, congratulations, or just to say you’re thinking about them. These sturdy boxes of sponge cake are delivered via courier anywhere in mainland Britain in 3-5 days.


Step 1. – Choose the size of your box. A small box will contain a single serving of sponge cake, sealed in pretty greaseproof paper and nestled in our signature blue tissue paper. A medium box contains two portions, and the larger box, suitable for a family, holds four generous portions.


Step 2. – Choose your flavour/s. You may have a different flavour for each portion.


Step 3. – Decide if you would like a gift card with your own dedication hand-written for you.


Step 4. – Please have to hand the name, address and postcode of the recipient, the date you wish the box to arrive and if they have any dietary allergies.


NB1: the sponge cakes are suitable for freezing for up to 3 months.

NB2: Gluten free available for all flavours - Red Velvet and Carrot will carry a small surcharge.




•Victoria sponge


•Chocolate sponge

•Chocolate marble

•Red Velvet*

•Chocolate fudge

•White chocolate and raspberry

•Chocolate orange



•Coffee and walnut


•Carrot & walnut*

•Carrot and orange

•Salted caramel

•Salted caramel & fudge

•Lemon and poppy seed

•Orange and poppy seed

•Coconut and lime

•Lemon and elderflower

*= small surcharge for gluten-free option,