The cake prices listed below are only meant as a guideand may be subject to change, depending on the details of your order.

A full breakdown of costs is available on request, which includes costs for preparation, fuel and labour.



Basic sponge = vanilla, chocolate or lemon.


Basic sponge, no filling, buttercream topping − £1.60 each

Basic sponge, filling, icing or piped topping, blossom flower or glitter £2.25 each

Flavoured sponge (carrot, salted caramel, red velvet, etc.) £2.25 each

Mr and Mrs cupcakes £2.50 each

Elaborate design, edible lace, roses £ 2.75 each

Wedding cupcakes in gift bag £ 4.50 each

Wedding cupcakes in cube £ 5.00each