The cake prices listed below are only meant as a guideand may be subject to change, depending on the details of your order.

A full breakdown of costs is available on request, which includes costs for preparation, fuel and labour.


Wedding cakes:


Wedding cake prices shown are for round or oval cakes and are slightly less than Celebration cakes on the understanding that you are ordering more than one tier. The price is slightly reduced to allow for only one charge for preparation/fuel/shopping, etc.


These prices are for your basic iced cake. Any further decoration is priced separately during your consultation. It is aimed at helping you to have a base price to work from and stay within your budget.


Prices for multiple tiers are inclusive of dowels, boards, and labour involved in building your cake.




4" − £30.00

6" − £38.00

8" − £42.00

10" − £55.00

12" − £68.00




4" − £40.00

6" − £44.00

8" − £53.00

10" − £87.00

12" − £128.00


Square or shaped cakes are roughly 30% more. This is because shaped cakes use, on average, 30% more ingredients.


Please be advised that the current pricelists are due to be updated on 01.01.2019.
Any orders placed before that time will still receive thier cakes at today's prices.
Thank You