The prices listed below are only meant as a guideand may be subject to change, depending on the details of your order.

A full breakdown of costs is available on request, which includes costs for preparation, fuel and labour.


Please note all prices correct as of 22/11/2022


Blossom DomeBlossom Dome £48.00

Mainly blossom, maybe forsythia, generic buds, few leaves


Large Posy DomeLarge Posy Dome £59.00

Recognisable flowers but all small scale, lots of blossom, more foliage.


Individual Flower TopperIndividual Flower Topper £75.00

7 roses on sticks, sets of leaves wired into 3’s with ribbon.


Small Wired SpraySmall Wired Spray £55.00

THREE main flowers plus end bud, some blossom/fillers, foliage.


Medium Wired SprayMedium Wired Spray £78.00

FIVE main flowers plus end bud, blossom/fillers, foliage.


Large Wired SprayLarge Wired Spray £99.00

SEVEN main flowers plus end bud, blossom/fillers, foliage.


2-tier Fondant Cascade2-tier Fondant Cascade £70.00

Individual roses, cut at an angle, to attach and cover sides of a 2-tier cake.


3-tier Fondant Cascade3-tier Fondant Cascade £88.00

Individual roses, cut at an angle, to attach and cover the sides of a 3-tier cake.


4-tier Fondant Cascade4-tier Fondant Cascade £125.00

As above, 4-tier cake.


Individual Fondant Blossom CascadeIndividual Fondant Blossom Cascade 

2 tier £75.00

3 tier £115.00

4 tier £170.00


Individual Fondant Flower CascadeIndividual Fondant Flower Cascade 

Individual flowers of your choice to match your bouquet.

2 tier £118.00

3 tier £175.00

4 tier £230.00


2-tier Wired Cascade2-tier Wired Cascade £130.00

A bit less than this one, for it to come about half way down the bottom tier. Will be made in 2 halves.


3-tier Wired Cascade3-tier Wired Cascade £210.00

2 or 3 wired sprays to join together and cover 3 tiers.


PetalsPetals £15.00 per 12.


Single BloomSingle BloomSingle Bloom £35.00 − £60.00

Frilly bloom on a stick, larger ones to come with bud.


Single Stem FlowerSingle Stem FlowerSingle Stem Flower £39.00 − £55.00

Single bloom, with taped stalk and leaves.


Blossom HaloBlossom Halo 

Between 6"+8".....£80.00

Between 8"+10".....£99.00

Between 10"+12".....£123.00
Completely blossom-sized flowers, small leaves


Flower HaloFlower Halo 

Between 6"+8".....£89.00

Between 8"+10".....£127.00

Between 10"+12".....£145.00
Individual flowers wired in with the blossom, buds, and foliage.